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My First International Speaker Experience at WordCamp Vadodara

My First International Speaker Experience at WordCamp Vadodara

Sanskari Nagari Vadodara held the WordCamp function on 12 October 2019 at Lakshmi Vilas Palace. The venue for the event, Lakshmi Vilas Palace, was a grand royal monument. It was built by the Gaekwad family, a famous Maratha family, who ruled the state of Baroda in 1890.


I am passionate about open source and sharing knowledge and code with the WordPress community. As well as, I am generally speaking at various city meetups like Ahmedabad, Surat, etc. In this blog, I am writing about my first International speaker experience at WordCamp Vadodara.


I have got a warm welcome from the volunteers and the organizing team. The crowd was energetic and interactive. It has been a great experience to meet new people.


It was my first-time International speaking experience at WordCamp. I probably speak around the forty-minute or longer, and as well as I went through a full range of ways to contribute. I gave a speech about seven lessons learned while creating WP plugins with such an enthusiastic crowd.

Alkesh Miyani International Speaker Experience at WordCamp Vadodara

I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and working experience with WordPress. If you’re thinking to start your own product store as a part-time earner or business then this will be a good session to note down points before making that decision. Here are my slides, if you’d like to go through for your reference.


There was an after-event party as well, which was refreshing. It was a memorable WordCamp Vadodara experience.




I’ve written this post to share my experience as a WordCamp Speaker. I met many amazing people, I improved my technical and social skills and got the chance to learn a lot of new things. Finally, I want to thank all the people that I met during these WordCamp. You have been very important to me for my personal and professional growth, thank you!


Hoping to be a part of WordCamp in the coming years too.

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