Hi, I am Alkesh Miyani

Full-stack developer.

Alkesh Miyani


I am working with WordPress last 6+ years and looking for more as well :). Full-stack developer, I helped many companies to grow and become a global leader in the IT sector. I put my great efforts to keep the quality of products, good UX with backend panel and give a better solution to market with the new and out of the box thoughts.

I have the passion for core contributions to WordPress, WooCommerce, and other open source communities and help them via suggestions.

Now, I am creating Gutenberg add-ons to fill market demands.

Check the plugins tab below my profile to see my plugin development work.

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Version Control

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My Working Process

1. Discuss the project

In the first step, I discuss the project with the client because the concept is the heart of every project. I believe this part of the procedure includes deriving ideas to shape the methods. Here, creativity plays a vital role in technical perfection.

2. Develop & Elaborate

Once the concept and the plan are ready after then, I start the development. First, I divided the project into several modules and working it. After that, I follow several parameters to test the project.

3. Final approvement

Before the final approval, I make sure each entity of the project is working well. The project as a whole is working as per the terms of the client and is fetching excellent results. After that, I deliver the project to the client. As well as stay in contact with the client, to give the help and support required.